• Introducing our versatile Metal Trolley—a sleek and practical addition to your space, designed with both functionality and style in mind.
  • This three-shelf trolley, available exclusively in a pristine white color, is equipped with convenient features to enhance your organization and elevate your interior design.
  • Enhance the efficiency and aesthetics of your space with the Metal Trolley. Its modern design, practical features, and crisp white color make it a versatile addition to various settings—from offices to studios to living spaces.
  • Elevate your organization with a touch of contemporary elegance.


Elevate your storage solutions with our Metal Trolley, a contemporary piece that combines modern aesthetics with practical functionality. Crafted with a durable metal frame and enhanced with the convenience of wheels, this trolley brings a touch of sophistication to your space while offering efficient mobility.


  • Built-in Lamp Support: Illuminate your workspace effortlessly with the built-in lamp support, providing both functionality and a stylish accent to your environment.
  • Storage Drawer: Keep your essentials neatly organized in the integrated storage drawer, ensuring easy access to tools, supplies, or personal items.

Additional information


560 MM X 390 MM X 830 MM
1' 10.04" X 1' 3.35" X 2' 8.67


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