Realia was founded with the ideology of blending unique design with compelling narratives to curate places with identities parallel to our customers. Starting operations in 2019, Realia has grown in this time to create spaces and environments that are firmly rooted in their context and the essence of which emerges organically without compunction to age. Realia stands for taking the everyday objects and materials as teaching aids to enable constructs of imagination and brilliance.  We have delivered engagements across Delhi, Gurgaon and Bangalore of varying sizes and complexities across different industry verticals like healthcare, Beauty, Construction, Marketing Agency, Clinics etc. Realia aims to expand operations organically in and beyond India in the next couple of years. Throughout our deliveries, we are expanding our capabilities by developing strong partnerships.   Our key value proposition is as listed below

We have previously engaged in similar projects and have a good understanding of our customer requirements & expectations

We have a pool of skilled resources with strong experience in architecture design, development and implementation
We always intend to adopt a customized and flexible approach to effectively meet our customer requirements on their architectural initiatives
We will engage with internal SMEs for ongoing ideation along with extensive use of our partner ecosystem and resources throughout engagement delivery

Our Vision

We at Realia believe in the amalgamation of creative thinking and modern techniques to devise smart, implementable and empowered solutions customized specifically for your architectural requirements. Our promise to our customers has always been that of exemplary quality, supreme reliability and focused pragamatism to ensure our customer’s delight.

Meet the team

Ar.Simran Kaur Malhotra

Principal Architect

Simran carries in depth knowledge in delivering urban residential and commercial architectural engagements across a wide variety of clients at a national scale. She has worked with renowned firms which kindled a belief in her keen sense of creativity and business acumen that propelled her into founding Realia, through which she strives to deliver quality and value to her clients.

Prateek has a wealth of experience across a variety of aspects within the construction industry. He is a highly driven Project Manager and is dedicated to delivering the highest quality outcome for his clients. With a pragmatic approach to decision making, he can tailor any programme to an individual projects need.

Angad having done his masters from New York City carries immense knowledge and experience of managing projects in corporate and financial industry.
He’s highly driven and aims to deliver higher than the clients expectations.

Ar. Yashika Singh

Senior Architect

B.Arch IP University, India | M.Arch University of Hartford, USA (Pursuing) She was always interested in the field of art and creation since childhood. She believed architecture could be a possible path to channelize her creativity and also to give back to the community in all the little ways possible. She completed her bachelor’s degree in 2019 and became a licensed architect in India. She has studied Interior styling for short term and keen in growing forward in the field of architecture and interiors.

Harvinder Singh Atwal

CGI Visualiser

Harvinder makes a reflection of our imagination from lines and figures to scaled visuals. He is responsive and collaborative to the current requirements of architecture and enjoys experimenting on new ideas at any given point.
With his knowledge in lighting and materials he is able to deliver rendered 3D’s that makes us more confident and sure of our vision for the clients.



She is like the delicate dew drop in a cold weather. She is well organised,responsible,dedicated towards timelines and has the ability to work on multiple projects. She has time and again shown improvement in her work and is always on a look out to refine her skill set by every design project that she lays her hands on. With a Self-learning ability , she enjoys experimenting on new tools ,grasps quickly and adds a little touch of her own that we all admire.

The person with energy and innocence of a ten year old, but when it comes to working she prepares her work within the given time by gathering information and materials that are closest to that of a professional. She is able to generate clear ideas, concepts and designs of creative assets from beginning to end. She is also collaborative with other designers to ensure a consistent, integrated brand perception and user-experience.

Rohit Sharma

Interior Designer

The new team member with the heart of purity. Most innocent smile and simplicity in character makes him stand out. He is able to take instructions and develop design concepts. Rohit is also someone to be able to apply his previous job experiences onto the new projects and create functional drawings as per client needs.

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