Realia, established in 2019, is a distinguished architecture and interior design firm driven by the ethos of sustainable architecture and the art of storytelling through design. With a commitment to creating spaces that not only inspire but also resonate with the essence of their inhabitants, Realia blends unique designs with compelling narratives to craft environments with distinct identities aligned with the client’s vision.

Realia approaches each project as a collaborative journey, engaging in a seamless exchange of ideas and visions with our clients, customers, and the community.

Placing clients at the centre of the design process, actively listening to their needs, preferences, and aspirations, and delivering tailored solutions.

Fostering a collaborative work environment where teamwork, mutual respect, and open communication are valued.

Striving for aesthetic excellence in all designs, balancing beauty, functionality, and practicality.

Adhering to ethical design principles and standards, including respect for cultural heritage, social responsibility, and accessibility for all users.


At Realia, we believe that architecture is more than just buildings; it reflects our values, aspirations, and collective identity. Join us on this journey of discovery, where every space tells a story, and every design has a purpose.


Ar. Simran Kaur Malhotra

Principal Architect

Simran Kaur Malhotra stands at the forefront of Realia, serving as the driving force behind the firm’s ethos of sustainable architecture and elegant, nurturing designs. As an architect and interior designer, Simran brings a unique blend of creativity, vision, and practicality to her work. Her journey from being an ex-model to becoming a womenpreneur reflects her resilience, adaptability, and entrepreneurial spirit.

Angad having done his masters from New York City carries immense knowledge and experience of managing projects in corporate and financial industry.
He’s highly driven and aims to deliver higher than the clients expectations.

Ar. Yashika Singh

Senior Architect

B.Arch IP University, India | M.Arch University of Hartford, USA (Pursuing) She was always interested in the field of art and creation since childhood. She believed architecture could be a possible path to channelize her creativity and also to give back to the community in all the little ways possible. She completed her bachelor’s degree in 2019 and became a licensed architect in India. She has studied Interior styling for short term and keen in growing forward in the field of architecture and interiors.
The person with energy and innocence of a ten year old, but when it comes to working she prepares her work within the given time by gathering information and materials that are closest to that of a professional. She is able to generate clear ideas, concepts and designs of creative assets from beginning to end. She is also collaborative with other designers to ensure a consistent, integrated brand perception and user-experience.


3D Visualizer

Bringing ideas and concepts to life through digital visualisation is something Nivedita could do day and night! From rendering 3D Models, to creating virtual tours, and all sorts of design collaborations is Nivedita’s sector at Realia.
Her infectious energy binds the team together, and her smile makes all keep going on and on even after long working hours!

Vijay Singh

AutoCAD Draughtsman

With one of his ear pierced, Vijay silently pierces through all projects with his technical skills! With all compliance codes in the back of his mind, he’s the master of 2D and all technical drawings.
With a challenging and demanding role at Realia, Vijay stays calm, poised and is mostly seen hanging around his computer!

The bubbliest of all! Vaibhavi might be seen indulging in giggles all the time but when it comes towards creating a balance between functionality and aesthetic, she’s everyone’s go to person!
Understanding Realia’s mission of Sustainability, Vaibhavi’s planning, concepts, management, and styling when brought together brings everything alive!

Divyanshi Singh

Assistant Designer

Young, daring, and innovative- Divyanshi brings all the happiness into the office, early morning when rest of the team is groggy! Spatial planning, collaborations across board, and asking the tough questions is what she is mostly found doing at the office!

Pushpanjali Das

Junior Designer

Business savvy, and always looking out to learn more and do more- Pushpanjali is a curious one! Always reading and watching reels (design reels), she is on the move to learn and live. A new age designer, always giving fresh prospective to designs and expanding the horizons of our work, that’s Pushpanjali for you!

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