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"At Realia we pursue an architecture that captivates, creates a dream and triggers a feeling"

Realia endeavour’s to revolutionize the established way of thinking about spaces. Our aim is to reimagine urban spaces by introducing fluidity in our designs, innovation in our approach and practicality in our implementations all functioning seamlessly under the umbrella of mutual discovery between Realia and our customers. We strive to engender trust and effective collaboration with our customers and partners enabling us to keep our promise of delivery exemplary customer experience, in our designs as well as in our engagement.


Ar.Simran Kaur Malhotra - Principal Architect

Simran carries in depth knowledge in delivering urban residential and commercial architectural engagements across a wide variety of clients at a national scale. 

She has worked with renowned firms which kindled a belief in her keen sense of creativity and business acumen that propelled her into founding Realia, through which she strives to deliver quality and value to her clients.  

Her capability with softwares, hands on experience and sharp eye for detail enable her to provide a spark of innovation to her delivery. 

With client satisfaction as her foremost motto, her aim is to ensure all her creations are the perfect synthesis of desire, economy and luxury.


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