• Introducing our Spa Massage Bed Professional – an epitome of comfort, style, and functionality in the realm of salon furniture.
  • Crafted with precision and designed for ultimate relaxation, this electric massage bed is an essential addition to any spa or salon.


  • Type: Salon Furniture
  • Material: Sturdy metal frame complemented by a plush PVC upholstery, ensuring durability and comfort in every use.
  • Load Capacity: With a robust load capacity of 300KG, our massage bed is engineered to accommodate a diverse clientele while maintaining stability and safety.
  • Specific Use: Tailored for the discerning professional, this electric massage bed offers a seamless and customizable experience for clients seeking rejuvenating spa treatments. The electric functionality allows for easy adjustments to cater to various treatment needs.
  • Weight: Weighing at 80kg, this massage bed strikes the perfect balance between portability and stability, making it easy to move and set up while ensuring a secure and grounded feel during treatments.

Additional information


1940 MM X 760 MM X 540 MM – 880 MM
6' 4.37" X 2' 6 ″ X 1' 9.25" – 2' 10.64 "




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