• Crafted with a polyurethane foam structure and an iron frame supported by elastic belts, this chair stands on a robust base of shiny cast aluminum or matte-painted finishes in black, grey-beige, or chestnut brown.
  • Its versatile upholstery options, available in all-leather or all-fabric, offer five combinations with removable interior fabric, discreetly secured by an elegant zip along the chair’s profile.
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  • Composition: Crafted with a polyurethane foam structure, supported by an iron frame equipped with elastic belts.
  • The base, available in shiny cast aluminum or painted finishes such as matte black, matte grey-beige, or matte chestnut brown, provides a sturdy foundation.
  • Finishing Touches: The upholstery options include an all-leather or all-fabric design, with the flexibility of five combinations featuring an exterior in leather or fabric and an interior in fabric.
  • Notably, the interior upholstery is easily removable, facilitated by an elegant and discreet zip seamlessly integrated along the armchair’s profile.

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Black, Brown


790 MM X 870 MM X 1120 MM
2' 7.10" X 2' 10.25" X 3' 8.09"


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